Thingstream enables IoT connectivity over GSM without the need for cellular data, which does not require TCP-IP, thereby enhancing cybersecurity and providing a more secure means for connectivity.

With no IP (internet) dependency, connectivity between the device and IoT application is inherently less vulnerable to interception, ensuring more secure IoT deployments.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) presents incredible potential to drive transformational change across every industry, the world over. However, as enterprises progress initiatives to connect the environment and things across their operations, the scale of vulnerability and exposure to their organizations grows – making securing IoT the single biggest challenge faced by IT leaders embracing the technology.

Critical to the success of most IoT deployments, from predictive maintenance to process automation, is the ability to connect machines to the cloud. It is the connection between operational technology (machine) and an IT system (the cloud) that is compromised in the majority of IoT breaches. Therefore, if IoT connectivity can be enabled without a TCP-IP (internet) requirement, the connection will be inherently more secure.

Thingstream is an accredited member of the IoT Security Foundation


Thingstream’s connectivity platform provides enhanced security as there is effectively no Internet present when connecting a machine or IoT device to a cloud system. Secure connectivity is delivered via MQTT over GSM, with no cellular data required.


No heavy security products

With an inherently more secure connection between IoT devices and IoT applications, IoT security products deployed to secure cellular data connectivity are not required with Thingstream.

Reduce Complexity

The multiple layers that are currently involved in connecting a device can make it more likely to be intercepted. Thingstream simplifies IoT connectivity and reduces the complexity of working with multiple solutions across multiple suppliers.

Our security promise

Thingstream takes security issues extremely seriously and welcomes feedback from security researchers in order to improve the security of its products and services. We operate a policy of coordinated disclosure for dealing with reports of security vulnerabilities and issues.

To privately report a suspected security issue to us, please send an email to, providing as much detail as you can.

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