Manufacturers of Ready Connected Devices

  • Immediate global connectivity
  • Low power & low cost
  • Simple IoT platform connectors to route traffic to popular enterprise IoT platforms
  • Pay-as-you-go model on consumption of IoT messages
  • Quick & easy to get any IoT device connected
Enable global connectivity for devices

Quick & simple to integrate with device

Manage & connect devices to IoT Platforms

Enable two-way communication

Better, more cost-effective connectivity solution

As manufacturers continue to innovate and advance the connected devices being produced to drive the Internet of Things (IoT) economy, there is constant demand for better and more cost-effective connectivity solutions. Improving how their devices connect helps manufacturers continue to evolve their products to provide increasingly more competitive solutions to their enterprise clients.

Thingstream’s enterprise-grade platform helps empower enterprises to deploy end-to-end IoT production-ready devices at scale, delivering seamless integration for connecting devices to any IoT Platform.

Thingstream's global IoT Connectivity

With out-of-the-box connectivity, Thingstream’s connectivity solution provides manufacturers’ devices with global connectivity over GSM without cellular data. IoT connectivity is further simplified by utilizing Thingstream’s IoT traffic management tool, which provides a simple flow editor interface to enable manufacturers’ clients to connect the devices to IoT platforms more easily. The pay-as-you-go cost model, also ensures that manufacturers are only charged for connectivity as and when the device is being used – helping to drive down costs of connectivity for devices not being utilized.

Already have a GSM enabled device?

Thingstream’s connectivity solution can be easily retrofitted to existing ‘data’ enabled devices for quick & simple deployment in market.

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